Coconut & Vanilla Figs

You may be aware, but Miss Pru & I live a fair way away from each other. While we chat on the phone and online on a frequent enough basis, it’s rare that we get to see each other very often (although we’ve vowed to change that in 2014). I was lucky enough to have [...]

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Christmas Cherry Pavlova

    OK!   First of all…..who goes and deletes all the latest photo’s off her iPhone with all the food shots (not to mention beautiful photos of her beautiful girls)….Ummmm…..that’d be me! So you are stuck with LAME-O photo of pavlova – SORRY As I was little late last year with the Christmas recipes [...]

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The green superfood blend that ANYONE can drink!

Cavewoman Pru has been taking Shakti’s Superfood Blend for quite some time now. She’s been rabbiting on about how great it is. I had “add green smoothie to daily regime” on a very long to-do list of things I wanted to introduce in to my diet, and a couple of weeks ago, I finally pulled [...]

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Blended Soup – Thermomix vs Vitamix

One of the selling points of many of the high end blenders is the ability to make a blended soup.  When taking a look at the genuine Thermomix vs the cheaper knock-off ThermoChef, one of the things that made me want to spend the extra money was a review I read explaining that for safety [...]

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Blend with the Vitamix or the Thermomix

This week I became the proud owner of a Thermomix. I’m super excited to have it in my kitchen, but a part of me thought my poor Vitamix was going to be made redundant. I have gotten rid of my Kitchen Aid Food processor and also the Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer, and I thought [...]

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Against All Grain ~ Danielle Walker: A book review

  So I have a confession to make. Yes. Another one. I do so love a good cook book! In fact, I have quite the cook book collection (I bet that doesn’t surprise any of you). It consists of some e-books but mainly hard copies. Old school…. I can’t think of anything better than sitting [...]

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Less Than Perfect

  I HAVE A THEORY… … Firstly, What is perfection? We all have our own ideas on what we think is perfect.  Some of us are more relaxed on their idea than others. Sadly, I have been known to fall into the latter category more often than not. Perfection it seems has become some kind [...]

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An open letter to the manufacturers of natural & organic skin care

I’m going to get up on my high horse for a moment here. There’s one thing, both as a consumer, and as a retailer, that really pisses me off, and that’s the loose use of the term organic. Quite recently, Jess Ainscough wrote a blog post about an organic café serving her a burger that [...]

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My ‘Lorna Jane’ journal

I’ve always loved notebooks, nice pens & journals. When I was a child, I used to love the start of the school year and spending oodles of time wandering around stationery shops and newsagents buying new pens and books. When I grew up, I wanted to own a stationery store. While I grew out of [...]

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Paleo Chocolate Cake…..

      Well hello there! Remember me?! Personally, I don’t blame you if you don’t – it’s been awhile. A long while. Things have been BATSHIT CRAZY in my neck of the woods….no excuses I know – but they really have! Let me see, what has happened….oh that’s right, I have had a multitude, [...]

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